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Undergoing a life transition? Seeking your life purpose? Dr. Dillof’s counseling can help!

Life TransitionsDr. Mark Dillof effectively “treats” most of the maladies that afflict the human spirit, but one of his specialties is life transitions. To determine if you are undergoing a life transition, ask yourself the following questions:

• Are you experiencing job burnout? Corporate burnout? Are you changing careers? Uncertain about direction? Need to find your life purpose?
• Suffering from a midlife crisis, or any other of life’s many crises? In the midst of a critical business decision?
• Recently married? New parent? Dealing with a divorce or breakup? Suffering from “empty nest syndrome?” Job layoff? Retiring? Leaving home? Graduating?butterflygif.gif
• Exiting a powerful organization — a cult, a religious group, or a corporation? Moving to another city?
• Recovering from illness, a natural disaster, reversal of fortune?
• Struggling over a decision having larger ramifications?
• Grieving for: another person? for lost illusions? for the person you once were? Need to say “goodbye to all that”? Seeking spiritual healing?
• Seeking to expand your horizons? Suspect that your dreams are trying to tell you something important? Seeking a purpose driven life and true happiness?
• Disappointed with programs for personal development, and yet still seeking to change your life?
• Asking questions about who you really are? Peering into the void? Seeking the meaning of life? Longing for self-renewal? Undergoing a spiritual transformation? Are you going through any other type of life transition? Or, are you stuck and unable to undergo the life transition ?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If so, your life is in transition. Dr. Dillof can help you use these stressful periods to attain emotional freedom and self-renewal.

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“But we breathe, we change! We lose our hair, our teeth! Our bloom! Our ideas!” — Samuel Becket

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