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Your dreams are trying to tell you something! Dream interpretation can decipher them…

Is a dream perplexing you? Maybe itʼs time to get it off of your chest!

Have you ever awoken from sleep, haunted by a dream? A voice from the depths is trying to tell you something important, but you cannot decipher its message. This is unfortunate, because the dream may be offering you advice regarding a certain decision, or insights into yourself, or a warning about another person. Furthermore, your dreams may be offering clues to life’s deeper mysteries. Why remain perplexed? Dr. Dillof is skilled at dream analysis and can decipher yours, and a lot more accurately than would a psychic. What you discover about yourself will be worth the cost involved.

There also exists what is known as a “waking dream.” Most of of our everyday interests, desires, and activities are imbued with symbolic meanings, which influence us unconsciously. In that sense, we are awake, and yet in the midst of a dream. If we could understand the language of symbol and myth, we could really know, for example, whether we should make a certain business decision, or whether we should be cautious is trusting somebody. Many of of the perplexities that we experience would end, if we could decipher the meaning of our waking dreams.

Imagine this common scenario: You awaken with an intense dream or a nightmare. You think to yourself “What does my dream mean?” Latter that day, you go to Google and enter the words “Dictionary Dream” or maybe “Dream Book.” Alas, a dream dictionary is a very imperfect way to analyze a dream. What, then, to do? When you awaken, in the morning, write down your dreams. Try not only to remember the details of each dream, but the particular mood that the dream evoked. Try to contact Dr. Dillof as soon as you can. If you wait too long the mood of your dream will be forgotten, and therefore the key to the dream may be lost.

Is a dream perplexing you? Maybe itʼs time to get it off of your chest!

P.S. Dream interpretation is not a science; dream interpretation is an art. It requires a deep understanding of symbolism and myth, as well as a good deal of intuition. A good familiarity with the writings of Freud, especially of his “The Interpretation of Dreams” (and of psychoanalysis in general) and the archetypal psychology of Carl Jung is also important in learning the art of dream interpretation.

How do you know when the interpretation of a dream is the correct one? When the interpretation is correct, bells and whistles will go off inside you! Your head and your heart will say “Bingo!” Pleasant dreams.

P.S.S. Ever dream that you are back in school, even though you graduated long ago? Ever dream that your teeth are falling out? Such dreams are rather common and profoundly significant. Dr. Dillof will do his best to analyze and interpret your dream.

For expert assistance interpreting your dreams and your waking dreams, contact Dr. Dillof. He offers dream interpretation, and philosophical counseling in general, by phone and in person. Call him toll-free at: 1-888-737-5724 or local at: (502) 458-7171 or e-mail him at mdillof@me.com. The telephone can allow for an intense conversation. Why, then, drive to a session — in the rain, snow, cold and dark — spending money on fuel?

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