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Thought-provoking Seminars, for People Who Find Motivational Speakers Shallow!

Dr. Mark Dillof offers a wide variety of popular seminars, on topics ranging from dream interpretation to the psychology of stock market investing. He has presented them to corporations, non-profits, and universities. He can also design seminars to address the particular needs of your organization. Dr. Dillof’s seminars are both insightful and enjoyable (he performs magic and comedy), making for a memorable audience experience. Dr. Dillof is truly a philosophical entertainer.

Lately, his seminars have revolved around the subject of life’s deepest mysteries:


Dr. Dillof’s Deepest Mystery Series

1. The Mystery of Laughter: Comedy is no laughing matter! Why you are proof that the universe has a sense of humor.

2. The Riddle of Desire: Why is it that when we get what we think that we want, there’s still something missing?

3. Erotic Mysteries: Why do men and women fight? Plato’s, Jung’s and DeBeauvoir’s ideas are light years beyond those of Dr. Phil.

4. The Enigma of Evil: What’s freedom got to do with the dark side? Insights of Dostoevsky. The deeper significance of the seven deadly sins.

5. Mysteries in Broad Daylight: Amazing insights into food cravings, job conflicts, dreams, cigarette-smoking, and even golf! Uncover the hidden worldview that shapes your experience.

6. The Final Mystery: The mystery of death, and the secrets of rebirth. Life’s perilous journey from time to eternity. Nietzsche’s amor fati.

Dr. Dillof offers half-day, full-day, or multiple-day seminars. He will travel to most cities. For information, call: Toll-free at: 1-888-737-5724 or local at: (502) 458-7171.