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Feel stuck? Dr. Dillof’s counseling can be prune juice for your soul!

The reason why Groundhog Day (1993) is many people’s favorite film is that they identify with its cynical and unhappy protagonist (played by Bill Murray), who literally is forced to live the same day over and over again. Do you, similarly, feel trapped in your life, such that every day is, more or less, a rerun of the previous one? Do you long for something different, for a really new day?

On the journey through life, one can end up in a quagmire.

Now, here’s the good news, according to the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard: the fact that you feel trapped means that you have gone from unconscious despair to conscious despair. That is an accomplishment, for it requires self awareness to see that what initially seemed new is really just a variation of the old. Why, though, is that good news? If Kierkegaard is correct, conscious despair — although more painful than the unconscious variety — has brought you much closer to salvation and to freedom!

Naturally, you do not wish to remain in this painful state of despair, with its terrible feeling of being stuck. This is where Dr. Dillof can be of assistance. Over the years, he has become proficient in the ancient art of inner alchemy, and has devised strategies to propel you back into motion, such that a new you can emerge. And a new day can begin! This transformation involves using insight to dissolve old habits, routines and ideas, and allowing creative new possibilities to to be born. Entering into a state of transition, you will experience a personal renaissance.

Now, here is the catch: if you allow this inner alchemy to work on you, you won’t feel stuck, but you may feel more anxious, for anxiety always accompanies significant change. If insight is the real cause of anxiety, philosophical insight can — as philosophers from Plato to Wittgenstein have recommended — help you to achieve inner peace. All things considered, if you feel stuck, you have little to lose and much to gain by setting forth to freedom.

“Even a thought, even a possibility, can transform us.” — Nietzsche

Dr. Dillof offers philosophical counseling, life coaching, and executive coaching, by phone and in person. He can get you un-stuck. For information, call him at: (607) 723-2663 or e-mail him at mdillof@verizon.net. The telephone can allow for an intense conversation. Why, then, drive to a session — in the rain, snow, cold and dark — spending money on fuel?

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