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Emotional Maladies: Their Deeper Meaning

Over the centuries, philosophers — such as Plato, Spinoza and Sartre — investigated how to free the mind from the tyranny of the emotions, for that is the route to inner peace. These short essays belong to that tradition. They offer insight into the darkest emotions, conflicts, addictions, and other maladies that can afflict the mind. (Please scroll down page to view disclaimer.)

Dark Emotions:

Interpersonal Conflicts:



P.S. None of the above? Just plain dissatisfied with your life? Dr. Dillof can help there too!


Be it noted that Dr. Dillof, in his private practice — as a philosophical counselor and life coach — neither diagnoses nor treats emotional maladies, in the manner of a licensed psychotherapist. Nor are the essays and information, on this website, intended to be a diagnosis or a cure. It is advised that anyone suffering from either an acute or chronic mental affliction seek the services of a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. This is especially crucial if you are harboring suicidal thoughts or you pose a threat to the safety of other people. If you are in a crisis involving child abuse, suicide, physical or relationship abuse, drug addiction, severe trauma, mental or physical illness, you should report it directly to the appropriate state licensed health care practitioner. Furthermore, the insights provided here and in Dr. Dillof’s private practice — which he conducts in person, by telephone, and by e-mail — are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. If in doubt, please consult your physician.

Be advised that insights are powerful. Although intended to be healing, there is always a certain degree of danger involved with gaining insight, including philosophical and spiritual epiphanies. Any true journey to self-knowledge involves risks. Insight can, for example, be psychologically un-grounding and can undermine one’s psychological security, at least initially. It is, indeed, for good reason that the ancient Upanishads refer to the path to self-knowledge as a journey along “a razor’s edge.” If you are seeking Dr. Mark Dillof’s services as a philosophical counselor and life coach, he will do all he can to be of helpful assistance to you and will proceed with all due caution, but the risks you assume are your own. He shall be held harmless for the services offered and shall not be held liable for their use.

The Initial Assessment
Dr. Dillof shall seek to assess, from his initial meeting with you, whether or not you would be a good candidate for his services. In certain cases, he might recommend that you consider other options, such as a psychotherapist, physician or other professional. Dr. Dillof might also determine that you are not ready for his services, due to where you presently are on your journey through life. Dr. Dillof might then recommend other options. Although Dr. Dillof seeks to exercise sound judgement in these matters, he is far from infallible.

The Direction and Goal of Philosophical Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching
Rather than treating emotional maladies, Dr. Dillof uses them as doorways into deeper questions about human suffering, selfhood and the meaning of life. Needless to say, one seeks to be free of suffering, but the goal of his philosophical counseling is not to be cured, to become normal, or to attain mental health. The goal, rather, is to become awakened, self-realized or, simply stated, to gain wisdom. (For further information on how his counseling and life coaching differs from psychotherapy, please see FAQ.)

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