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Investigations into the Dark Side…

It has been said that the devil can quote scripture.

Do you work in such fields as law enforcement or counter terrorism? Are you seeking insight into the psychology of a certain individual, cult, or criminal organization? Mark Dillof, Ph.D. can be of assistance to you, as a forensic consultant. He has written about the psychopathology of high school murderers, serial killers, sadists, cult leaders, terrorists, and genocidal demagogues. His latest, and not yet published, book is the product of five years of intensive research into the psychopathology of malevolent organizations, such as terrorist groups. His research has generated a plethora of cutting-edge insights into the darker corners of the human mind.


Dr. Dillof can assist you and your organization to understand such dangerous individuals, and to profile them. He can offer you research and advice, either in person, by e-mail, by telephone, or as a formal report. If privacy is an issue, appropriate arrangements can be made.


The French police closing in on an assassin. (Magritte)

Dr. Dillof also offers fascinating seminars on the psychology of evil. Thanks to his background in philosophy and psychology, he is able to relate the profound insights of thinkers — like Plato, Dante, Shakespeare, Kant, Dostoevsky, Freud, Jung, Camus, Hanna Arendt, Martin Buber, and others — to the psychopathology of dangerous individuals, from Jack the Ripper to Osama bin Laden. He can deliver to your organization a single seminar or a series on that subject, or on related subjects. Furthermore, he will tailor his seminar to your particular needs. Despite the darkness of the topic, Dr. Dillof is a humorous and lively speaker. Depending on his schedule, he can make short trips to most parts of the world.


Explain to Dr. Dillof the scope of your project, whether he needs a security clearance, and other important details. Then, if he feels that he can be of assistance, he will give you an estimate of the time involved and the cost.


For info: (607) 723-2664 mdillof@verizon.net.