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Theory of Philosophical Counseling…

Dr. Dillof utilizes an innovative approach to healing mind and spirit. Broadly speaking, he engages in “philosophical counseling,” but the term is misleading. For unlike others who call themselves philosophical counselors, he will not help you to arrive at a “workable” philosophy of life. Nor will he get you to think more logically and to act more rationally. He has something more ambitious in mind.


Dr. Dillof will help you see the hidden set of assumptions (or world view) that shape your life, from dawn until dusk. You will see that the fundamental cause of your present difficulties is not anything specific— such as your spouse, your job, the state of the world—but the limits of your worldview. The goal, then, of Dr. Dillof’s counseling, is to precipitate emotionally liberating insights. This unusual mode of therapy has been called “ontoanalysis,” “existential psychotherapy” and “dasein analysis.” Dr. Dillof has transformed it into a profound form of “laugh therapy,” for the byproduct of liberating insights is “cosmic laughter,” i.e, a healthful laughter at our human condition.



Dr. Dillof will, therefore, lead you beyond the existentialist goal of attaining authentic selfhood, along a uniquely Western route to Eastern wisdom. You’ll be amazed to discover that your present difficulties — such as a relationship conflict, an eating disorder, a problem at your workplace — are doorways into life’s deepest mysteries and your own road to Self-realization. The goal of traditional psychotherapy is to become normal. Here, instead, is a path that is far more exciting and rewarding. Call today to set up an appointment: (502) 458-7171.