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Testimonials about Dr. Mark Dillof, President of Plato’s Attaché

“I’ve known Dr. Mark Dillof for over 20 years, and his wise counsel has helped me to find my way through a number of life’s challenges. Besides being very personable to talk to, he has the ability to draw upon the ideas of the greatest thinkers and to connect those ideas, in a concrete & useful way, to the particular struggles and questions that the client is going through. Over the years, I’ve talked to other counselors from time to time, and it usually feels as if they’re trying to take your problem, and cram it into the particular “box” which is the psychological school that they adhere to, whether it be behaviorism, Freudian psychoanalysis, Gestalt pyschology, etc. While Mark does draw on some of these theories (particularly the ideas of Carl Jung), he does so only in the context of applying them usefully to the very real & often painful struggles that the person he is counseling is going through. He is also able to provide useful examples from pop culture and apply them to a person’s particular situation. His book, Awakening With The Enemy, is full of such examples, from such diverse sources as A Streetcar Named Desire, I Love Lucy, the comic strip Dagwood & Blondie, and Clint Eastwood’s film, Unforgiven, among others. 

Mark also has a very astute sense of how inner conflicts & questions manifest themselves in the business world. Whereas the typical journal articles talk about “team building”, “a culture of innovation”, “consensus building” and a million other abstract concepts, Mark can pinpoint the particular problems that an organization is struggling with, the factors of “corporate culture” that are driven by unconscious assumptions & motives, and also how such assumptions & motives, when harbored by management, can undermine a company’s success. All you need to do is spend a few minutes contemplating what happened to AIG, GM, & the Chicago Tribune to realize just how disastrous it can be when such motives go unexamined. 

I would therefore highly recommend Dr. Mark Dillof as a counselor, business consultant, or executive coach.”                                                                                                 — Alex Piascik, Bowling Green, OH

“In the past 6 years I have turned to Dr. Dillof for coaching me through a variety of career and work place issues. I wasn’t looking for endless “talk therapy.” I don’t have the time for that stuff. Nor do I think it’s effective. Mark helps me focus the issue and get to the point of decision making and action. I’ve always liked the fact that he’s the re for me, when I need him. 

Maybe the most useful aspect of Dr. Dillof’s work is helping me see how I’m thinking, what I am assuming, and how my unconscious attitudes are effecting a particular business decision that I am facing. I see colleagues making foolish choices, based upon a certain kind of blindness about themselves. Business decisions are never just about the “facts.” Mark’s helping me to know how I approach people, and how I come off in negotiations has helped me to consciously utilize my personality and demeanor to accomplish whatever the moment calls for. I haven’t changed who I am, as much as altered my expression of who I am, because of the self-knowledge I gained working with Dr. Dillof. 

For example, as Senior Administrator in a leading hospital, I need to be able to set limits and define concrete, measurable goals. But my direct reports have differing attitudes towards authority, organization, time management, and the role of data capture to justify performance. Knowing myself, I am able to “speak the language” of the various staff members, rather than approaching everyone with the same upper-management cookie cutter directives. Morale is high and our hospital’s quality performance and fiscal indicators show this approach has paid off.”       — Charles Goodwin, New York, NY

“As a consultant, owner of a software firm, and investor I’ve benefited greatly from Mark’s wise consul. I’ve used his knowledge and insight into the greatest minds like Lincoln very effectively in my business, but the greatest help he’s given me was learning how not to take it all so seriously and let the negativity of business affect my peace and personal life. Also, I’ve never met a funnier person in my entire life. After many years I still chuckle to myself when I think of some of those hilarious moments of conversation. You really can’t put a price on that and it’s yours for a lifetime.”                                                  — Neo, Brooklyn, NY

“Over the years, I increasingly felt like I was a prisoner of my own success, trapped by my career path and lifestyle. Everyone I knew – my colleagues, board of directors, family, and friends – were hemming me in on all sides. I was quickly losing the enthusiasm that I once had. To make a long story short, my talks with Mark, which took place over the course of two years, planted the seeds of self-renewal, both in my personal life and in my business.”
– Mr. Sam A., White Plains, NY.

“I first heard of Dr. Mark Dillof, about eight years ago. He was being interviewed, on the radio, about his book Awakening with the Enemy. A week later, I called him for marital counseling. To my surprise, he connected my marital problems to everything else in my life, including the difficulties that my new company was facing. Wow! Awesome connections! Getting to know myself… unsettling at first, but so sweet in the long run. Dr. Dillof is a treasure!
– Ms. Jane R., Syracuse, NY.

“After being disappointed with psychotherapists, I saw a number of life coaches. Some were Tony Robbins clones, “motivational cheerleaders.” Others wanted me to list my goals, with due dates. That sort of thing might work for someone starting out in life, but I was already very successful. I really wanted to know who I was and what life was all about. That they couldn’t tell me. Because of my conversations with [Mark], the pieces in the puzzle have been fitting together… What an incredible mystery story life is! Mark is a real Sherlock Holmes.”
– Mr. Bob W., Louisville, KY.

“I’m the Executive VP of HR, for a major corporation. I’ve been a client, student, and friend of Dr. Mark Dillof, for over 14 years. Here are the key features of his approach: 1) It is holistic, ministering to all a person’s needs – business, personal life, and spirit. 2) He specializes in life transitions. 3) He is brilliant at interpreting the symbolic meaning of everyday interests and activities. 4) He teaches his clients how to use their everyday problems as a road to Eastern wisdom. I’m still learning a great deal from my conversations with Dr. Dillof. I hope that you will too.”
– Dr. Karen G., Boston, MA.

“… After three years in my new position as president of the hospital, I felt bored, unfulfilled, and restless. Surfing the web, I stumbled upon Dr. Mark website. Many of his essays I found too mystical. (Call me left-brained, but I’d rather read Scientific American, than Eastern philosophy.) And yet, his basic ideas spoke directly to my midlife crisis. He’s been extremely helpful, as a life coach and as someone with whom I can brainstorm business ideas.”
– Dr. Ralph S., New York, NY

“Dr. Dillof’s advice has improved the profitability of my various business enterprises, including my two restaurants. Thanks to him, I’ve gained insight into my customers, competitors, employees, my wife – and myself! He’s shown me how everything I’ve done – and I’ve done many crazy things – is all connected. I’ve been having some awesome insights! Finally, Mark taught me not to take life too seriously. Yes, sometimes I call Mark, just for laughs. And, brother, it’s money well spent!”
– Mr. Ozzie, F., Los Angles, CA.


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