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Transform Your Life in Only 8 Weeks!

A Program of High Intensity Life Counseling

It’s easy to become stuck, to fall into a rut, to become imprisoned by outmoded ways of thinking, blocked by our habits and routines. Years go by. Creative possibilities are lost. It’s all very sad.

Here’s the good news. Dr. Mark Dillof has created a powerful form of counseling and life coaching, designed to get you unstuck. It utilizes high intensity insights that illuminate all aspects of your life — including your emotions and thinking, your marriage and friendships, your career and spiritual life, even your diet.

In 8 weeks or less, you will gain the emotional clarity and self-knowledge that would normally take years to acquire. As a result, you will experience the emerging buds of a new life. Naturally, it often takes longer than that to effectuate a major life transformation. But beginnings are crucial.

No, this isn’t the usual sort of life coaching! It’s not, for example, about shoring up your self-confidence so that you can ask your boss for a raise. Nor is it about creating endless schedules for yourself and utilizing “time management” techniques. Nor is it about adopting a “positive” attitude.” It’s a lot more powerful than that, for it involves gaining self-knowledge and wisdom about life.

Needless to say, High Intensity Iife Counseling (H.I.L.C.) is not for everyone. It’s not for those who are lukewarm, or complaisant. It’s really for people who are at the end of their tether and deeply yearn for self-renewal and new life possibilities. If that describes the way you feel, then Dr. Dillof’s High Intensity Life Counseling is for you.

This 8 week program — which integrates counseling & life coaching — costs only $595. To take advantage of this special introductory offer, you must sign-up prior to March 1st, 2050. On the other hand, you may prefer to confer with Dr. Dillof whenever the need arises. But act now. Windows of opportunity do not remain open forever. Call today: 502-458-7171 and ask for a FREE exploratory session.

Socrates said it. Buddha said it. Even Rocky Balboa said it…
Self-knowledge is liberating! It releases us from bondage to dark emotions — such as depression, anger, envy, worry and anxiety. It can also prevent foolish decisions. Indeed, it can save us from a thousand maladies — from indigestion to unhappy marriages, from troubled sleep to ill-advised career moves. But self-knowledge isn’t gained all at once. It’s the product of powerful, illuminating insights.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Dillof. Since 1987, I’ve been helping people gain insight into themselves, though philosophical counseling and spiritual life-coaching. I’m now expanding the operations of the Dillof Institute, inviting more people to participate in our unique programs. If you might be interested, call me at 502-458-7171.

What is Transformative Knowing?
The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote that “A man’s character is his fate.” We may think that we are free, but our character pretty much determines the life we shall have. But here’s the good news: knowing who we are dissolves the rigidity of our character, freeing us from our fate.

What exactly are such liberating insights? They are those that illuminate our interests, activities, desires and conflicts. They reveal the hidden presuppositions, under which we labor and open the door to new possibilities.

For example, take Willy Loman, the protagonist of Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman. Willy assumed that life was all about being well-liked, and that to be well liked you needed to dress well and have a positive attitude. (Many life coaches continue to spread the false gospel that having a positive attitude is “the Secret” to happiness and success.) Willy’s son, Biff, says at his father’s funeral: “…He never knew who he was.”

Had Willy come to question his assumptions about success and about life itself, his assumptions wouldn’t have blinded him as they did and his life wouldn’t have ended tragically. That is why it’s vital to know who we are. To help people, in that respect, I’ve created the Dillof Institute.

Much deeper than psychotherapy
Psychotherapists seek to “treat” anxiety, depression, marital conflicts, and other maladies, as if they were diseases. To regard them this way displays a shallow understanding of human suffering. Over the years, I’ve come to see that these maladies can be doorways into life’s deeper questions. Even an eating disorder can offer insight into…

  • Who you really are
  • What you are really seeking
  • The origin of human suffering
  • What life is all about

Pursue this investigation and you will be rewarded, not just by mental health, but by wisdom and self-realization. Why, then, settle for being normal, when there’s so much more to gain?

Feel Stuck?
A lot of people contact the Dillof Institute, not because they are suffering from a specific malady, but because they just feel stuck, trapped in the life they’ve created. They would like to proceed in a new direction, but don’t know where to begin. You might say that they suffer from what H.D. Thoreau called “quiet desperation.” If you yourself feel this way, you’re not alone; many people do.

Here’s the good news: there are insights that can get you moving again! Such insights are the catalyst to self-renewal and a new life.

The Power of Negative Thinking
I had mentioned the universal nostrum of most life coached, positive thinking. Some teach their clients “the secret.” But the effort to always be positive is like trying to have Yang without Yin, or up without down. It derives from a shallow understanding of life, which is why it’s inflective.

Rather than flee life’s negativities, it is better to turn around and face them. As the psychologist C.G. Jung stated, ”One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” That’s why the life coaching offered by the Dillof Institute is very different. Its purpose is to illuminate the negative dimension of your life.

Your Specific Life Challenges
As a philosophical counselor and life coach, I’ve been consulted on everything from relationship conflicts to business problems, from work/family imbalances to midlife crisis, from overeating to anxiety, from career conflicts to seasonal depression, from smoking to existential crisis. I’ve suggested that a lack of self-knowledge is key, but is it enough to know ourselves?

Sun-Tzu contends that: “He who knows himself and knows the enemy will not be in danger in a hundred battles.” Machiavelli would agree that we need to know our enemies too. But, success in the game of life requires also knowing our coworkers, customers, and competitors. As well as our family members! I’ve designed a counseling and executive life coaching program to help you gain insight into all of these key players.

Finally, it’s important to understand life itself. Grasping the big picture frees us from taking ourselves and the world too seriously. And it increases healthful laughter. I’ve been engaged in philosophical counseling for over twentyfive years. The counseling and life coaching that I do is designed to help you acquire this vital knowledge. Of course, you may feel that you already know these things. But we all have our blind spots. That’s why some of the most powerful leaders have had trusted advisors.

Clues Everywhere!
Were you to enlist my counseling services, our conversations would focus on your present challenges, at work and at home. Our talks would illuminate all aspects of your life. You might discover, for example, that…

  • your food preferences express your relation to other people and to the universe.
  • your life has been a replay of your favorite childhood TV show.
  • your dreams encapsulate your business problems.
  • a haunting melody is reminding you of an area, in life, that you’ve neglected.
  • your golf swing reveals your management style.
  • everyday annoyances — from broken copier machines to coworkers from hell reveal your vision of God, truth, and reality.
  • your aches and pains can be important clues in your quest for knowledge.
  • even your favorite joke can be pregnant with meaning and a source of insight.

When we’ve gathered enough clues, to see how it all fits together, your hair will stand on end from amazement! Self-knowledge will heal your soul, liberate your spirit… and free your energy! Energy is like money. If it’s no longer tied up in an outworn life narrative, your “inner liquidity” and “personal cash flow” will increase. The freed energy will be automatically reinvested in creative new enterprises.

Here’s a bonus that’s nothing to laugh at!
The reward for gaining wisdom is inner peace. But there’s an additional benefit: liberating laughter. The laughter that’s a product of philosophical insight is healing to body, soul and spirit.

Over the years, I’ve labored to create “Kierkegaardian Laugh Therapy.” It’s designed to help people see the lighter side of what’s usually regarded with painful seriousness. I named it in honor of the Danish, existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who contended that laughter emerges when we perceive the contradictions that riddle our existence.

Actually, there’s a catch: We must perceive those contradictions at an aesthetic distance. Without that distance, we are more likely to groan than to laugh. At the Dillof Institute, we cultivate that distance.

When we do “get the joke” — not just about our particular set of problems, but simultaneously about human existence in general — we experience cosmic belly laughter. The Buddha is always pictured as smiling. Shouldn’t you also be smiling? Or, even better, laughing?

Look, we need to talk…
Interested? Then, here’s the step: call for your FREE 30 minute life assessment. We’ll discussion your present situation and where you would like to go with your life.

The Dillof Institute is located in Louisville Kentucky, but most of our clients reside in other parts of the country and even the world. Counseling and life coaching sessions are held over the telephone, supplemented by e-mail, and occasional faceto- face visits. This counseling arrangement has proven to be very convenient for my busy clients. They can contact me, at a suitable hour, directly from their office.

And please note that confidentiality is key! There’s no telltale health insurance records, nor other record keeping required. That’s a benefit of life coaching and philosophical counseling. In truth, our conversations would be philosophical; there’s no stigma involved with speaking with a philosopher, as there would be if you were seeking the usual sort of psychological treatment for stress, social anxiety disorder, depression, or some other disorder requiring treatment from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. On the contrary, consulting a philosophical counselor or life coach or executive coach is a sign of class and distinction!

Think you may be interested? If you’re interested in receiving this unique form of counseling and life coaching, you can reach the Dillof Institute at: 502-458-7171 or toll free: 1-888-737-5724 Or send me an e-mail at: mdillof@verizon.net.I look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Dillof, Ph.D.
Director of the Dillof Institute

P.S. Yes, we’re located in Louisville Kentucky, but you need not reside in Louisville to receive expert counseling and life coaching. Due to the invention of the telephone and e-mail, you can receive counseling and life coaching from us no matter where you reside. We have clients not just in far away places like New York City and Los Angles, but even in Lahore Pakistan, not to mention Lexington, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville and Chicago, who sometimes will visit us. But the telephone can allow for an intense conversation, sometimes even more intense than face to face! Why, then, drive to a session — in the rain, snow, cold and dark — spending money on fuel? There’s less stress on you and your car, when you call from your home or your office.

No matter what part of the globe you inhabit — from New York City (NYC) to Los Angeles CA (LA), from London to Tokyo, from Boston MA to Chicago IL, from Brooklyn to Queens, from Binghamton to Ithaca, from Scranton PA to Syracuse NY, from Vestal to Endicott, from White Plains to Westchester, from Rochester to Buffalo, from Nassau to Suffolk, from the Highlands of Louisville KY to Lexington Kentucky, from Cincinnati OH, from Indianapolis IN to Hartford CT, from Hollywood CA to Miami Beach FL to Columbus Ohio, from Minneapolis MN to Madison WI, from Westport CT to Austin TX to Portland OR to Washington DC, from Seattle WA to the Bronx NY, from Toronto to Vancouver BC Canada, from Albany NY to Manhattan, from Hempstead to New Rochelle from San Fransisco to New Orleans, from Paris to Berlin, from Dallas to Forth Worth to Philadelphia, from Charlotte NC to Charlottesville VA, from Phoeniz AZ to Houston TX, from San Jose CA to Jacksonville FL, from San Antonio TX to Columbus OH, from Memphas TN to Baltimore MD to Jersey City NJ to Atlanta Georgia to Virginia Beach to Tuscon AZ to Las Vegas NV to Portland OR to Detroit MI to Milwaukee WI — distance is no barrier to an illuminating counseling and life coaching session!



P.P.S. Wow, you’ve actually made it this far down the page. Congratulations! Apropos of nothing, please check out my new book, www.deepestmysteries.com.


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