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Consulting: Forensic, Mental Health, Management, Marketing

Dr. Dillof offers psychological and philosophical consulting, in the following areas:


1. Forensic Consulting
Do you work in such fields as law enforcement or counter terrorism? Are you seeking insight into the psychology of a certain individual, cult, or criminal organization? Dr. Dillof can be of value to you.


2. Consulting to Mental Health Professionals
If you are a psychotherapist seeking insight into a particularly perplexing client, Dr. Dillof can be of assistance. Dr. Dillof is very skilled at interpreting the symbolic meaning of human behavior. Dr. Dillof does offer some advice to therapists gratis, as a professional courtesy. It cannot hurt to ask.


3. Management Consulting
Dr. Dillof has studied organizational psychology and worked as a management consultant. He can provide assistance to your organization. (Read his illuminating essay on management consultant.)


4. Marketing Consulting
Dr. Dillof is very knowledgeable about consumer psychology. (Read his illuminating essay on the psychology of popular brands.)