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Dr. Dillof’s Illuminating Essays

What’s in a name?
The Mystery of Mountain Climbing
The Mystery of Bobby Fischer’s Madness
The Case of the Blown Newspaper
The Case of the Bottlenecked Bicyclist
Elliot Spitzer’s Shadow
Radical Islam’s Theological Achilles’ Heel
The Mystery of the Square Dinner Plates
Tattoos & the Quest for Identity
The Secret to Defeating Demagogue Obama
John McCain’s Fatal Flaw
The End of the Year and the End of the World
The Mystery of Being Home & Yet Not Being There
Why Obama Eats Egg Whites for Breakfast
The Secret Symbolism of Magic Tricks
The Mysterious Mac Dream Contest
Pepsi Flavored Coke
Facebook and Schopenhauer
The Motive of Binghamton’s Mass Murderer
Is a Tightrope-walker a Balanced Person?
Swine Flu: The Dark Side of a Borderless World
The Deeper Meaning of Zombies
Hamlet & the Boy Scouts Discover the Secret of Readiness
Do You Love Your Fate?
When the Door to the Bus Opens, Get On
The Meaning of a Starbucks Obsessive-Compulsion
The Transformative Power of Doing the Opposite
Nuts are for Anarchists, Organic Foods for Fascists…
Is It Better to Follow Your Dreams or to Awaken from Them?
The Pathos of Dying, While Getting One’s Act Together
Socialism’s Incestuous Relation to the Mother
Friendship’s Darker Dynamic
What Makes for a Free Spirit?
The Mysterious Dread of Public Speaking
The Law of Attraction as Flight from Reality
The New Ugly Americans: from Being Hated to Being Despised
The Psychological Appeal of Angry Whoppers
The Deeper Meaning of Adultery
The Hidden Motives Behind the Balloon Boy Hoax
The Deeper Meaning of Dr. Epstein’s Fart
The Philosophical Calamity that Created Vampires
The Deeper Meaning of Tourette’s Syndrome
The Psychological Fascination with Batman
How to Know Yourself, in Four Easy Steps
The Anxiety Underlying Global Warming Hysteria
What Motivated Binghamton’s Jihadist to Murder Professor Antoun?
The Metaphysics of Fitted Bed Sheets
Living in the Moment, for a Moment
Shoelace Tying as Revelation of Spiritual Wisdom
A Multiple Choice Exam Called “Your Life”
Is Nature Evil?
How Not to Bring Yourself with You, When You Move
The Deeper Meaning of Michigan J. Frog
May the Spirit of Davey Crockett Obliterate Obamacare
Why Your Everyday Life Needs a Laugh Track
Harry Reid and the Imp of the Perverse
The Deeper Meaning of the Winter Blues
Do Philosophers Get Angry?
The Mystery of Smoking
The Psychology of Gambling
Are you addicted to the New?
Midlife and Other Existential Crises
What Dreams May Come?
Accidie (Spiritual Torpor)
Trauma as Dark Insight
The Conservation of Suffering Principle
When Less Feels Like More
The Hidden Routes of the High School Massacres
I Can’t Believe It’s Ontological
The Dream Detective
A Selection from “Awakening with the Enemy”

Confessions of a Rookie Consultant
The Aesthetic Mystery of a Fantasy Clock
The Deeper Mystery of the Faux Brownstone
Arjuna’s Executive Coach
Beware Cognitive Mitosis!


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