Rate Per Flight Hour Agreement

“Flight Hour Engine” or “EFH” – engine flight time expressed in the hourly stages of the wheel flight to the wheels down. SHANGHAI, China – Zhejiang Loong Air has signed a 12-year contract with CFM International (CFM) on the per-flight-hour rate for LEAP 1A engines, which power the fleet of 19 A320 and A321neo airbuses. In addition, the agreement includes an order for four replacement LEAP-1A engines. This complements the long-term service contract signed last year at the Paris Air Show to cover 36 A320neo aircraft with LEAP-1A engines. Loong Air has already delivered 21 A320neo powered by LEAP-1A. “Procedure Manual” – A separate document, not included in this service contract, that contains detailed procedures and instructions for the management of the service agreement. In the event of a conflict between the procedure manual and the service agreement, the service agreement is a priority. “Airworthiness Directive” or “AD” – an AAA document that is responsible for the engines, in which a state of uncertainty regarding these engines and, if applicable, the conditions and restrictions under which the engines can continue to operate are identified. “Loong Air was an invaluable launch customer for LEAP-1A in Greater China. The engines have been remarkably efficient and continue to provide excellent safety and efficiency,” said Weiming Xiang, President of CFM China. The agreement is further confirmation of our growing relationship, we are confident that CFM aftermarket services will continue to help drive long-term growth and development for our customers. Airline will provide the Delivery Duty Paid leasing engine (DDP, Incoterms 2000) as soon as possible, but by no means later than after the delivery of a new engine to cfm budget management. Airline pays hourly recovery fees and LLP charges per flight cycle payable for the rental engine for such a period – and CFM waives the daily rental costs of engines payable under the lease agreement for the rental engine.

AirLINE will start paying all rental fees for ` after correcting the AOG condition. “Rate” or “Rate per flight hour” – The rate for covered services or additional services covered under Section 7.CFM parts and equipment incorporated into an engine are considered sold to AIRLINE and ownership of these parts and such equipment is transferred to AIRLINE after they are integrated into that engine. The risk of loss or deterioration of these parts and materials is transferred to AIRLINE after the engine is re-delivered. CONSIDERING that Airline wishes to enter into the service contract (“agreement”) with CFM, which provides that CFM performs or performs the maintenance, repair and overhaul (“MRO”) of certain LEAP X1A engines of the airline. The RPFH agreements are part of the CFM portfolio of flexible after-sales support offerings. Under the agreement, CFM Services guarantees the maintenance costs of LEAP-1A engines in dollars per flight hour. To the extent that AIRLINE or any of its assets is or becomes eligible at any time, it is or becomes permissible, on grounds of sovereignty or other means, of an action, an action, an action, an action, a counterclaim, the jurisdiction of a competent court, the meaning of the procedure, the seizure before the decision, the seizure for execution or execution before the judgment. , or any other judicial proceeding in a jurisdiction, airline irrevocably nullifies the application of that immunity, and in particular the United States.