New Credit Agreement Summary Equifax

8.9 If a clause in this agreement is illegal and unenforceable, it will be separated from that agreement and the rest of that agreement will remain in effect 8.7 If you sign as a client`s agent, you must tell us who the customer is if we ask for it; You must ensure that you have appropriate authorization and you must ensure that the contracting entity is aware of and complies with all obligations under this contract. They must also meet these obligations. 8.5 You cannot transfer your rights or obligations of this Contract to another person without our written consent. We will not refuse our approval inappropriately. 7.3 You agree to purchase our services for business purposes under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. The provisions of this act do not apply to the services we provide to you as part of this written agreement or any other written agreement that you have with us. ii. to ensure that at the time of each access, you designate an offer for the cost of credit as the subject of the investigation. These Terms of Use apply to the access and use of Equifax`s websites (together the “website”) These terms of use do not apply to or products ordered through the website are subject to applicable agreements and terms of use and may be accessed on the product application. In addition, you will find additional information about ownership and copyright information on other pages of the site. g. If you provide the person with an offer on the cost of credit (as opposed to a credit decision that concerns the person), submit it to us. a.

comply with written policies and procedures for your employees, agents and contractors when using our consumer credit information services, so that all of these people comply with your obligations to use these services; Personal information/identities – make sure your name and personal data are correct. The address details indicate the address you lived to when you last applied, which may not always be your current address. Let us know if there are any administrative errors such as a false date of birth or the wrong spelling of your name or address. d. As with our other credit reporting services we offer, every time you use ID Plus, your access will be recorded. If you are applying for ID Plus, you must give us your organization`s goal for using ID Plus and you can only use ID Plus for that purpose. Each time you use Identity Plus, you must obtain the explicit consent of the person you are viewing. What can be collected in a credit report is strictly regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We charge the evaluation based on private and public information collected by credit providers and other agencies (e.g. B repayment stories, legal proceedings relating to debit and credit payments, insolvency and ASIC datasets). Serious breaches of consumer credit remain on a credit report for seven years from the date of the list. However, if they have been paid, they return to default and remain in the credit report for five years.

The fact that an amount has become overdue and then paid remains a part of your credit history. ii. be able to determine which of your users has used our consumer credit reporting service every time someone uses it; Note: This section 3 applies when you use our consumer credit information services. Our consumer credit reporting services are services for which we provide you with personal credit information. If you do not use our consumer credit information services, this section 3 does not apply to you. These services are governed by a code established by the Privacy Act 1993, which is called the 2004 Credit Reporting Code (the Code).