Modified Road Test Agreement

(l) immediately make all necessary cancellations of road test dates for pending road test applicants; The examiner gives instructions to the student via a hands-free phone. This should only be used for testing, as new drivers should not travel with mobile phones. For the purpose of the vehicle safety test, the applicant is required to conduct a safety check of the vehicle he is commissioning. The applicant must be aware of all controls in the vehicle and detect the safety of a component outside the vehicle. It is highly recommended to read the test guide for modified skills in order to complete this segment of our modified competency test. (f) when booking a road test, provide the following specific information: (i) full legal name; (ii) the certificate number for driver training; (iii) the telephone number; and (iv) the driver`s licence number of the driving school staff who booked the road test; (i) does not set aside multiple simultaneous dates for a single applicant for the road test; 5. School Road Test license site. ICBC grants you a revocable, commercial, limited, non-sub-conceded, non-transferable and non-exclusive license for access and use of the school test site, in accordance with these school conditions, subject to your continued compliance with these school conditions. You can use the school Road Test site only for commercial reasons, book a test drive appointment for a student currently participating in a driving training program with your auto-school, or cancel, rewrite or confirm an existing appointment for that student. You cannot use the School Road test site for other commercial purposes. 1. On us.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial company that provides auto insurance, driver licenses, vehicle registrations, road safety and other products and services in British Columbia. For more information on CDL qualification tests, click here. If you have traveled off the island in the past 14 days, if you have a fever of 100.4 F, if you feel sick or if you have taken a COVID-19 test without getting the results, do not try to go to the road test site. We ask you to reschedule your appointment. Applicants whose main address is located outside Hawai`i County must be quarantined for 14 days before making an appointment. You must provide us with your boarding pass or other document indicating your flight date. The road test is cancelled if you are in quarantine.