India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

(c) repayments made under an investment-related loan agreement; Generally accepted accounting principles refer to the recognized consensus or essential assistance provided on a party`s territory at a given date when economic resources and commitments must be accounted for as assets and liabilities, changes in assets and liabilities, the measurement of assets and liabilities and their variations, the information to be disclosed and how they are to be disclosed. and what accounts should be established. These standards can be developed on general guidelines of general application, as well as detailed procedures and procedures; NOTE that economic and commercial liberalization should allow for optimal use All the time frames provided in this chapter may be shortened, cancelled or extended by mutual agreement between the parties or by the request of one of the parties to the arbitration tribunal occupied by the case. When a party enters into force an agreement on trade in services with a non-contracting party, it considers a request by the other party to introduce a treatment no less favourable than that provided for in that agreement. This integration should respect the overall balance of commitments made by each of the parties under this agreement. CECA is one of 24 free trade agreements (FAs) that Singapore has with many countries. There will be 25 free trade agreements when the EU-Singapore free trade agreement comes into force on 21 November. (g) facilitate and strengthen regional economic cooperation and the integration of disputes arising from or from mutual recognition agreements or agreements concluded by their professional bodies, standardization or self-regulation in accordance with this article, and that the provisions of Chapter 15 do not apply, in particular, to the creation of a bridge between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and to serve as a precursor to the free trade agreement between India and ASEAN; and if you are interested, you can read the full legal text of the agreement here. But you probably won`t leave, so let`s move on.

(c) in the event of a disagreement over registration, each party may refer the Joint Mutual Recognition Committee for decision.