Cupe 204 Collective Agreement

Some, whether you work after 4:00 or maybe even 16:15, will see a clue land in your work inbox announcing that the dental plan premium will increase. Some of you know that on December 13, 2019, HSC also announced that its premiums would also increase effective January 30, 2020. The CCMB and HSC are the only entities within the PHCC collective agreements that fall under our dental plan. All other facilities use HEBP dental. CUPE 5362 did not receive this increase until January, after repeatedly requesting that HSC premiums increase. As soon as we received this notification, we filed a complaint arguing this increase. FYI – CUPE 204 has also filed a complaint with HSC about its increase, so we will probably argue together as we move towards a merger with Local 204. Until the abuses are resolved, we have to pay the premium increase. CUPE 204 members (WRHA and SHARED HEALTH MANTIOBA) Please visit of up-to-date information and log in to the CUPE 204 email or to change your address and contact information. Please share these emails with colleagues who do not receive them.

All of these updates are published on the website. Lead Shop Steward: Belinda Contact CUPE 204 As sent in the last email, you can contact CUPE 204 via her general email at Debbie Boissonneault, the local president, can be contacted under Robyn Powell remains our national representative and can send an email to You can also contact me as a Union service agent in This is absolutely not allowed and constitutes a serious violation of our collective agreement. If you find that MNU, MAHCP or people outside the field are people doing jobs in our CUPE area, please report it. If you don`t know if this is one of our positions, please report it, as we have the option to register it.

However, some may think that it is not important, if the office work is done by a manager, if there are other closures or slowdowns, we do not want our members not to have their job because a manager or others have done it. Please note additional updates and forward them to others who may not receive these emails. We will not publish them on newsletters, but we will publish them on the site. All BreastCheck employees with EFTs will be made available in any way, and you will continue to receive hours corresponding to your EFT. If you are placed in positions that earn less than your salary, you will continue to earn your salary. Casuals are not guaranteed hours. If they accept hours in positions that earn a lower salary, they will be paid at that lower rate, in accordance with the terms of our collective agreement. If you have any questions, please email me at Pre-bargaining survey Many of you may have received the preliminary survey in the mail. CUPE sent a letter with a link for preliminary questioning.

For those of you who have been with CancerCare through several collective agreements, you will remember previous surveys we sent.