Collective Agreement Smu

On June 7, 2016, ESU and Singapore Management University (SMU) formalized our partnership and jointly signed their first collective agreement. Passenger-ship agreement for international transport (i.e. the liner agreement) What will happen if the two parties do not reach an agreement during the conciliation procedure? A collective agreement is an agreement between the Finnish seafarers` union and the employers` organisation or an individual employer, and it concerns the conditions that the employment contract and the employment relationship must at least respect. The Finnish Seafarers` Union negotiates and concludes collective agreements on its members and also monitors compliance with these agreements. I am writing on behalf of your University of St Mary`s Students` Association (SMUSA) to inform you of the recent negotiations on the collective agreement. As students, we understand that this process can be not only confusing, but also disturbing. That`s why we are committed to informing and informing all students about the collective bargaining process, with regular updates. Collective agreement for the transport of people in the country The collective agreement defines the minimum wage. B, working time and overtime pay. We are confident that the agreement will be ratified by both sides this month. A collective agreement is the contract between the university (the employer) and the faculty union (employees).

Negotiations on the 2018-2021 SMUFU collective agreement began in June 2018. Since then, several meetings have been held between the university and SMUFU to negotiate the terms of the new agreement. The two sides were unable to agree on some issues, which led the SMUFU to meet on 10 October to discuss its next steps. Between 10 and 18 October, a strike vote took place, during which 80% of the SMUFU voted in favour of a strike. That doesn`t mean the faculty is going to go on strike. SMUFU has filed a conciliation application with the Ministry of Labour and Continuing Education in order to obtain a neutral third-party intermediary. The aim of conciliation is to cooperate with SMEs and the university in order to find common ground and reach an agreement.