Amana Extended Service Agreement Homeowner Contract

There are several reasons why we do not recommend extended guarantees. Worry-Free Coverage An AsureSM Extended Service Plan gives you the certainty that you won`t face unexpected repair or replacement costs for your heating and air conditioning. We comfort you because we know that you and your family don`t have to endure a long time without heating or cooling – you`re covered! Asure`s expanded service plan complements the standard product warranty by providing additional work cover and years of parts cover depending on the selected plan. Your Asure dealer can give you details about the various coverage options available. What does the plan cover? Asure`s advanced service plan provides extended coverage for all functional parts of your newly installed air conditioning and Amana brand heating. If a repair is required, a licensed Asure dealer will react immediately and perform repairs with high-quality Amana-specific parts. With The Asure cover, your long-lasting comfort is guaranteed. All important factors are explained in this HVAC guarantee guide – What is covered and what is not covered in warranties, parties vs work guarantees, extended warranties and whether they are a good deal and more. We`ve also compiled warranty details from all the major hlK brands for a quick comparison. Some brands really have better warranties than most, and it might not be the brands you expect. If you are selling renewed Amana or Single Product And Goodman or Daikin warranty contracts to a homeowner effective January 1, 2017, you must attach an extended service contract signed for an extended service contract to your Express warranty application or have the customer sign an electronic version via Warranty Express after the purchase of the contract. Asure Extended Service Plan How is it affordable? Isn`t your comfort worth only pfennigs a day? Asure eliminates the cost of repairs to unbudgeted systems. They will never face a franchise.

Asure Extended Service Plan has covered you today and for years in the future, no matter how much the cost of a service call may increase during this period Some owners are apathetic about their DC warranty, in the hope that they will never have to manage this.