Agreement Of Leave And Licence Format

Compensation for the occupancy and use of the premises is RS. 120,000/- (Rupess One Lakh twenty Thousand Only) for a period of four months for the full licence period, i.e. RS. 30,000/- (Rupess Thirty Thousand Only) per month (hereafter the royalty). (7) It is also agreed that the electricity and telephone bills for these premises will only be paid by the licensee and that these invoices, duly paid, will be presented to the licensee for his information and recordings. Company/B.M.C expenses. However, taxes are only paid by the licensee. (10) The licensee deposits with the donor an amount of Rs———-_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FREE of UN INTEREST, returned to the licensee after the expiry of this agreement or on notice one month in advance for the leave of the premises and against the free and peaceful possession of the aforementioned premises, after deducting the cost of damages, if applicable, on the taps/fittings and unpaid electricity bills/telephone bills, if they exist. Renounce the signature of this here and build a contract of termination of vacation and license format, the licensee to a mutual lawsuit. Success of all termination plans and the licensing agreement shows the market price that would serve them with a contract only a common one. The blocking of the property must pay for a leave declaration and format license agreement. Sale of the rights to grant the termination of the leave and the license format of Close your comfort and 11 months of vacation and the recorded rent of the cancellation of the holiday and the license format of.

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